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Our journey began in 1981 where our intrepid founder Mr John Bisley; an avid adventurer and explorer (who had once driven to the UK from Kenya in a VW beetle and hitchhiked back via the River Nile); decided to set up a tour company for the ‘backpacker’ who hopped on at leisure….take a glimpse at our old brochures that we used to hand out on the streets of Nairobi…

Mr John Bisley; our founder

Our very first brochure listing earlier Safaris

An improved version of our earliest brochure.

In those ‘good old days’; ‘how’ and ‘when’ you reached your destination was part of the experience…all you needed was a ‘spirit of adventure.’ Thus our ‘Turkana truck tours were born and proved extremely popular. So much so that we had truck departures heading towards the magical ‘Jade Sea’ every Friday; sometimes back to back! Around this time we also started budget camel safaris in the Ndoto Mountains, (very remote at the time) whilst another great trek was backpacking in the Aberdare mountains, accompanied by an armed ranger where stunning scenery with moorlands and waterfalls awaited you.
As the years ticked on and times changed we continued to specialize in camping safaris for groups in customized expedition trucks; be it mission groups, University groups or just a bunch of friends. We also acted as ground operator representing various overseas overland agents and also begun organizing customized trips for travelers who wanted to travel in smaller vehicles with more comfort and exclusivity in lodges and self-contained tented camps.
Today we continue to offer a range of tours throughout East Africa for varying group sizes. However our specialty remains camping safaris; where we pitch up camp and leave as we arrived! We remain one of the few operators who still operate road Safaris to the distant North of Kenya; the Lake Turkana region. Contact us for YOUR adventure….