With your help, our expertise and 38 years in the business, we, Gametrackers Safaris like to think that we know what our Guests like. We prefer to take you off the beaten track away from other Travelers and let you experience some of the remotest parts in East Africa; We know it is no surprise that our guests keep coming back for more!

Whether you wish to join us on one of our planned tours or prefer to go it alone, Gametrackers Safaris would be happy to discuss with you how we can help. Do drop us a note and we will be delighted to make you a plan, you can call us on +254 731 309 513, we promise to get back to you within 24 hours.

Going off track is the only way

At Gametrackers we prefer areas in East Africa that are still relatively untouched by human activity. In these hidden corners and far off the beaten track we DISCOVER jaw dropping destinations which we share with Guests  who truly wish to take the time out of their lives to visit them. It takes all our experience, effort and skills to get you there. to name but a few:

  • The Jade Sea
  • The Losiolo Escarpment
  • The Chalbi Desert
  • Ewaso River
  • Loita Hills
  • Aberdares
  • Bwindi
  • Lake Mutando
  • Kalacha

Exploring new places is our passion

Gametrackers’ Guests come to EXPLORE the natural beauty and DISCOVER something new. At Gametrackers we find that when Guests bring themselves to East Africa, it is the total experience that heightens their enjoyment of everything around – the incredible wildlife, the outstanding sunsets and the indescribably beautiful landscapes. Travelling through this wonderful land from the animals to the colorful birdlife, the different languages and the traditional cultures all combine to give our clients the thrill and excitement of a lifetime. With so many wonders to capture, there is always the opportunity to get that all ‘important shot’.

People we meet on our way

We are fortunate to have over the years developed great relationships with people in the areas we visit.

Some of the tribes we meet have lived in these remote parts all their lives and welcome sharing their customs and cultures with newcomers to the area. EXPERIENCE our trips and you can visit places such as:

  • Turkana where we meet the Elmolo People, in the Chalbi Desert we meet the Gabbra people and when we are lucky to take a boat out on Lake Baringo, we fish the Njemps way.
  • The Mara where we share a hut with the Maasai tribe, who explain how to throw spears, make fires the Maasai way!
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